Welcome once again to The Party Hour on BTR. Tonight we pump up your night with double tracks by Penguin Prison and Tommy Trash, including his latest collaboration with A-Trak and a beat named Tuna Melt. Although it may seem like a silly name, the track is high energy and is sure to make you bounce. We also mix up the play list giving you indie banger from genres including EDM, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Remixes and More!!!
Welcome party people! Tonight we bust open the show with brand new music with Tommy Trash, one of the latest members to the Fools Gold Records Label roaster and his single "Truffle Pig." This is really great EMD track and the ARG Bootleg gives even more energy to an already amazing beat. We also mix up the playlist with many styles and genres including Electro-Dance, Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop and Remixes.