Tom Waits
A personal journey through his gritty, yet tender, discography.
This week on the show we take a nice, long look at the LA-based label Anti- Records, including brand new music from Los Angeles Police Department, Peter Silberman, Greg Graffin, and more before wrapping things up with new tunes from O+S, Dares, and more! Want to get in touch? Call and leave a message (which may be played or read on the show) at (408) SUB-INEV. Fancy, right?
Happy New Years Eve! This is the last Thursday mix for 2015. I wish everyone a very happy holiday season. Here's to 2016! Today I'll be playing my absolute favorite tracks from 2015.
The Thursday Mix. January 15, 2015.
This week on the show my guest is Marie Lorenz. I visited her studio in Bushwick to talk about her ongoing project, the Tide and Current Taxi. For the project, Marie ferries people around the waterways surrounding New York city in her homemade rowboat, using the tidal currents to guide her. Marie documents these voyages on her website using photographs and a simple written narrative. These straightforward yet engrossing retellings reveal a whole new way of looking at New York City--- a place that most people experience through it's congested grids and street life. Marie's taxi also speaks to history in providing a first hand view of the waterways that were the original source of New York's political, cultural and economic power. The Tide and Current Taxi has inspired much of Marie's other work including drawings, sculptures and, of course, her handmade boats. I sat down with Marie to talk about her boat making, her first shipwreck and much more.
Imagine yourself on a roller coaster. You're towed up to the top of the first drop, over 500 meters off the ground -- taller than the empire state building. and you're presented with a button. If you decide you still want to go, you push it. As you fall nine times the force of gravity pins you to your seat and begins to force the air form your lungs. As you enter the first of seven 360 degree vertical loops the blood rushes to your lower extremities and you begin to experience tunnel vision. A sense of euphoria sets in, as your brain -- due to a lack of oxygen -- diverts its efforts to sustaining essential bodily functions. Color slowly drains from your vision, and by the end of the second loop you've lost consciousness. Five loops on the coaster remain, but by the time the third is complete, you're dead.