Tom Thiel
This week on the Glitch/IDM Show we are going to slowly dive into a pool of molasses only to later emerge and be greeted by a land of wonder and magic. As always we have some new stuff and some older stuff, for the heads. So get comfortable, cause you’re not going anywhere for at least an hour. Rest in tiny little peaces…
So the show this week is going to be a boomer with a few little beems thrown in here and there. It’s going to mellow out at a point though, so I am just giving you a heads up incase you were really hoping to rage for an hour straight. But I feel like the heavy parts are made even more intense when you play with the dynamics of the show. No Brickwallin’ here my friends.
At first I wasn’t really after anything in particular this week but now that I think about it, I picked a lot of “retro” synthy kind of stuff, so there you go! You can feel like it’s the last day of school and it’s 1987. So grease the skids and get going, this is the Glitch/IDM show!//././///
Soak up the sun my friends! This week on the Glitch/IDM show we keep it pretty pleasant, light-hearted, soft a squishy. So grab some pork and beans and come along!