Tiye Phoenix
There are a billion hip-hop artists in the world today, how can you stand out to make a name for yourself? Ask the lyrical MC Tiye Phoenix. Been doing her thing since like forever in the hip-hop game, Tiye Phoenix makes it look easy. She can also sing on the mix. She's in tune with the universe, sun, moon and stars. Her instagram page stays active, she talks to her fans almost on a daily basis. Life, politics, fashion and almost every other day music is the center stage for this creative artist. Her loyal fans remember her from the early days with the group Polyrhythm Addicts, consisting of more hip-hop all-stars: Dj Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Complex. She replaced another underground mc in the group name Apani B Fly. With two solid projects that drop in 2020. Tiye Phoenix talks to Bazarro about staying focused during the madness.
Tiye Phoenix is a NJ-based musician, beatmaker, producer, lyricist, songwriter,composer, artist, and “cool dope ass soul.” Here she checks in with a raw performance from her latest record, live from home! The Glow EP is available now. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.