Tiny Vipers
We're following last week's interview with Ba Da Bing! Records found Ben Goldberg with a deeper dive into some of the label's output from the last two and a half decades!
Today on Garbage Garage we feature bands playing Firefly Music Fest, plus new tunes from Big Thief, Dot, and Celebration!
Ok, we all do it. Not one of us is immune to it's siren call. No, I'm not talking about the ones who liked to call weary sailors to their deaths. I'm talking about Trader Joes, the store with $2 bottles of wine of course. We thought it would be a great idea to discuss our personal keys to a successful TJ's run.
DJ Hanabi's Eatopia - The Kiwi Edition
So Hanabi nailed an interview by proxy. Interviewing an introvert with severe social anxiety is probably one of the best ways I can think of to fill up an hours worth of content. Hey, at least you don't have much to edit though! Ok, so Hanabi couldn't actually get Enrique to talk to us, but he did give us his recipe for a bad ass chicken marinade which requires Tecate, and only Tecate. Way to go Hanabi!
It's time we talked about my new obsession, overnight oatmeal. It's seriously the best thing ever. My lady doesn't make much in the way of food in our house. I keep our (my) kitchen on lockdown. But she's been crushing it at making overnight oatmeal. I would let her use one of my Shun knives to open a can if she would make it for me again. Anyway, never has oats, chia seeds, greek yogurt, honey, fruit and skim milk mixed in a mason jar tasted so good. Check out some great overnight oatmeal recipes at The Yummy Life. We also talked about how shrimp and grits is getting super popular at Yankee brunch spots. Grits, they’re not just for Alabamians anymore!