Timber Timbre
November 14, 2013. In the spirit of #TBT, today's program will feature some of the songs I played on my very first shows on BTR. Enjoy!
Legga. Modus. Timber Timbre. Chance the Rapper. Nightmares on Wax. Leapling. The Mantles. Jacco Gardener. Night Panther. Wolf Parade. And more...
Hello, June people. Let's party. Here is a sweet mix I made for you.
It's Craft Week here on BTR, and craft + fashion can only mean one thing: DIY project time! I'm joined this week by Jenni Radosevich, editorial staff member at InStyle, and creative mastermind behind the popular fashion project blog I Spy DIY. From make-it-yourself crystal necklaces to the latest nail art trends, sprucing up a pair of shoes, or adding a unique look to that Ikea lamp, Jenni's tutorials have you covered. Plus, she's got a ton of great inspiration posts that keep you up-to-date on all the latest styles! On today's show, Jenni will talk about the start of I Spy DIY, how *not* learning to sew made her who she is today, a few of her favorite style icons, and her top shops for craft supplies. All that, plus a set of brand new music from artists Mikal Cronin, Wampires, and Bibio, along with a set dedicated to the stylistically diverse roster of Toronto's record label Arts & Crafts. Grab that glue gun, and get ready to bedazzle here on BTR with Sew & Tell!
It's Optimism Week on BTR! On today's show, former senator Ted Kaufman once led the fight against too-big-to-fail banks in Washington. He joins us today to talk about a new documentary from PBS about his efforts that sheds light on new whistleblowers who might help to finally bring fraudulent Wall Street executives to justice.
Suuns. Mister Lies. Autre Ne Veut. The Books. Jacco Gardner. Yo La Tengo. Hollie Cook. The Poets of Rhythm. Mouse On Tha Track. Lusine. Art Tatum. No Age. And more...
Let's get to know Jennifer Smith better. She is BTR's Social Media Director and she co-hosts the podcast, Third Eye Weekly. We'll hear about her friend who she won't let leave her side, breaking out of the college bubble, and she'll throw a message into the time capsule.
It's the first God Bless Weirdmerica of 2013! We're predicting that this will be the weirdest year yet, and so we're letting our weird flag fly here on Weirdmerica today. Cheers to all the coming weird, and don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates about that station!