While we do our best to cover as much new music as possible here on The Music Digest, there's always going to be stuff we miss. Here, we revisit some tunes and bands that we missed in 2018 to try to…
Tracks courtesy of Azure Ray, Julia Holter, Tobias Berblinger and more!
Tunes by El Radio Fantastique, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, Cobra Man, Kramies and more!
Time to Buddy the Elf this and bust out some Holiday tunes to kick off the show. Plus all sorts of great new music in the mix. Turn it up!
Cat Power and Molly Burch are remaining on the countdown this week. Big Bliss is making a countdown debut at number one! Listen to all the best new indie music out there in one spot.
Big Bliss is bringing pop punk to the indie world with their newest album 'At Middle Distance.'
Music courtesy of Les Big Byrd, Cat Power, Death Valley Girls and more!
Brooklyn-based artist Thomas Lendvai transforms everyday construction materials into large-scale, site-responsive, sculptural experiences.
New music from Anna St. Louis starts off the show. Our most played album of the week, which comes from Cat Power, will close the show today. Tons of new music in between from Amber Arcades, Tim Cohen, Adrianne Lenker and more.
Half of today's list is comprised of countdown debuts. Molly Burch held the one spot last week and is still sticking around. Cat Power is number one in our hearts this week.
Cat Power is back and in full throttle with her robust voice and emotional tracks.
Mid Rocktober means NEW NEW NEW!  Got 2 double shot blocks, huge intro and outro blocks of indie tunes, and it's all wrapped up in a 2 hour long Sunday Funday package.  Yes!
Momma, Molly Burch, Villagers and more on The Jaunt today!
Get in the fall mood with some rock 'n' roll and some moody indie. All brand new tunes, of course! 
Enjoy this dang Sunday show!  2 hours of tunes, new new new and double shots galore!  I have a Sunday sweet tooth so I'm gonna eat chocolate and listen to my own Dealer's Choice show today.  Join me wont you?
Marijuana Deathsquads, Broncho, Spirit of the Beehive and more!