This week, we bring you the crazy comedy (really?) stylings of Jayman and The Lorway. What scrapes will the chaps get themselves into this week? Only time, will tell.. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
This week, Iain and Jayman bring you music from across the British Isles, but mainly from Norwich's "Access To Music", "City College" & "University Of East Anglia". We're also reaching as far affield as Lowestoft, so you KNOW it's gonna be a rockin' show! Can we kick it? Let's Radio and see!
My god, I have such a packed full of Jam show for you today - if Jam was music anyway. Musical Jam, now there's an untapped market... Hmm. So anyway, you can hear a couple more tracks from our album and calssic album of the month (Alan Southgate and Camille Davila) plus some great tracks new and old and me muttering in between. Make yourself a hot squash, settle back and turn off your mobile phone...
Hello. There is some absolutely brilliant music in this week's show, as usual... We've got all the genres! ... Rock, Indie, Alternative Pop.. Seriously though, listen to the whole show if you can spare an hour. Why not have it on in the background whilst playing on your weebox or twitting off a twat on Twitter, How should I know what you kids are upto these days.. I'm 30 god damn it!?
SOOOOOO much music on todays show and it's all brilliant. Some old, some new, but mostly all new for you!! Listen in, all the way though. It's the UK COLLEGE MUSIC SHOW!!