Summer is over. The sun shaped pinata that was bashed over the weekend was my indicator. Let's keep warm with these tunes from Johnny Pacheco, Yasmine Hamdan, Tinariwen, and Thomas Mapfumo.
DJ Wynn continues his weekend dancing shenanigans with music from Johnny Pacheco, Fela Kuti, Willie Colon, and Helado Negro.
DJ Wynn explains how listening to music from the around the world and playing basketball helps bring people together. Listen to tracks from Tinariwen, Yasmine Hamdan, Thomas Mapfumo, and Johnny Pacheco.
00:00  DJ Wynn 01:11  Fania - Johnny Pacheco 03:37  Jibaro Soy - Raphy Leavitt 08:35  Ngombelle - Laba Sosseh 16:22  Pegaso - The Latin Brothers 20:59  Hwahwa - Thomas Mapfumo 25:46  Goiabada-Cascao - Beth Carvalho 28:58  DJ Wynn 29:53  Colonial Mentality - Fela Kuti 43:33  Nalembi-Kotuna - Mayos Muana Ngombo 49:23  Yo Soy Boricua - Sociedad 76 53:22  Zewa Idee - Sam Mangwana 61:38  Juana Pena - Willie Colon 67:10  DJ Wynn 68:20  Pegaso - the Latin Brothers 72:56  Finish Johnny Pacheco Beth Carvalho Fela Kuti