The Stranglers
Happy July 4th weekend! Enjoy it with some freedom loving tunes delivered by DJ Drew on his Dealer's Choice show today.
Happy 4th of July weekend - Good tunes about America and Freedom! Plus an awesome Double Shot Block! All hosted by DJ Drew and brought to you by Abercrombie & Fitch
“Being resilient is a quality that you get over time, but you can also get it if you really believe in something and you’re not afraid to fail.” - John Patrick, of Organic 2013 was a banner year for Sew & Tell, and we’re not slowing down in 2014! The first guest of the year rings it in with a bang: designer John Patrick, founder of the exquisite line Organic and sustainable fashion visionary. Join us today as John Patrick shares about the ways in which Organic has developed and evolved over the last ten years, some of the critical changes he sees as necessary for long-term improvement in the fashion industry, and the importance of beautiful, timeless design. Plus, I have an improvement-themed playlist for you today that touches on the various aspects of an attempt to change, featuring tracks from the UK’s Treetop Flyers and The Stranglers, Canada’s Montag and The Besnard Lakes, along with brand new music from Daytona, The Pixies, and more. Join us on BreakThru Radio as we turn over a new fashion leaf for 2014!
Sunday's with DJ Drew on BTR
RAR takes a step down memory lane by visiting the Bryant Park Film series. There we watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also on todays show, DJ Mark Falanga stops by to talk some trend setting action flicks, with all the spoilers.
The last Saturday in June, which means that music festival season is upon us. Which means that new albums are coming in scores every Tuesday. So stay tuned for new tracks from Superchunk, Boards of Canada, and Mood Ringers, plus pretty much every other song on the show today. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and tumblr.