The Soft Boys
Welcome, one and all! Guys, I just can't help myself from playing all of my ALL-TIME favorite bands! I'm sorry to all the great new bands I might be playing otherwise, but once you hear this week's set you'll agree-- sometimes you just gotta go with some tried-and-true clazzix. So join me in hearing such hits from bands like LES CALAMITIES, THE BARBARAS, THE LEOPARDS, and so many more!
Today's set is a CLASSIC set for the SUMMER time! It features breezy pop hits from The Go-Betweens, Gene Defcon, The Goodnight Loving, and maybe another band that begins with a 'G,' if you can believe it!
"This week's show is a monster of springtime pop, featuring many familiar favorites including The Verlaines, Les Calamities, Younger Lovers, Eat Skull, and more, more, MORE!! Watch these bands go from Zero to Hero in a matter of hours, only on Overnight Sensation!"
Today is Jason's ACTUAL Special Birthday Special, and the show couldn't be more packed full of jam if we wanted it to be. There's lots of special birthday answerphone messages from various PB regulars, and much more besides. Let's hope the show doesn't end up being a giant anticlimax... Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
Well, last week's special "Tweet Cast" show didn't really fire up a sea of interaction like Iain thought it would; so, I had to kill him. This week's show will be just me, The Jayman, and I will then attempt to grow a brand new Iain, which will probably take a few weeks. So, bear with me as I sail these rocky waters alone. I may be cold and lonely, but I'm doing it all for you people! So be grateful, even if my offerings are slight. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
Today's show was the first of our special Tweet-Cast episodes. Whilst we were recording the show, Iain was twittering about our every move. To be honest, we need to hone the concept a bit more.. And now I really think about it, it just doesn't make any sense, as the people reading the tweets can't actually hear the show at the time, cos it isn't broadcast live.. And then when the show IS broadcast, the listeners can't interact by tweeting at us.. Hmmm, (bird)food for thought.. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!