The Pooh Sticks
We're taking a stroll down memory lane and playing some of the very best tunes of the 1990s! A whole decade, boiled down to an hour! Can we even do this? Well, with the help of some of the finest songs ever recorded, songs from bands like HENRY'S DRESS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS, DARCY CLAY, and DON LENNON... I think we're gonna make it!      
This week we're hitting all the best spring-time bands: The Courtneys, Times New Viking, Bill Fox, The Go-Betweens, and so many more. If it's spring-time where you are, this mix will sound very good to you! But it's a good mix in all seasons, so just check it out!
Today we're bringing you yet another set of Kool Klassics. Hits of the ages from some of the best names in indiepop, indie rock, experimental pop, postpunk, and more! HITS of the ages from bands like The Pooh Sticks, Elf Power, Marine Girls, and...
Whooo boy, this crazy summer heat has got me all mixed up, 311-style! I don't know what to do! So I decided to create a very mixed-up mix that ended up actually being pretty straightforward, musically, though there are definitely a couple surprise twists, so don't get too comfortable! Hits from HOT summer bands like Unicorn Kid, The Nerves, The Pooh Sticks, and Sheer Mag abound!
If you know me, you know that I can't get enough of INDIE POP music! That's why I stuffed this set chock full of twee, jangle, and lo-fi junk from the 80s, 90s, and today! You'll hear hits from cool bands like Beatnik Filmstars, The Springfields, Beanpole, Titans of Filth, and so many more... To know this set is to love it.
W/U INTERNERDS! U ready for these great new bands? Maybe you've heard of 'em? Probably not, lamer. Get a life. smdh.