In this episode, we're taking a look back at some guest appearances on the show from "The Before" - meaning before working remotely, before the music industry shut down, before everything changed. In this episode we revisit that time with Jon Daily, Jen Meller, Stephen Perry, Ana Backer, and Maia Macdonald in their early 2020 appearances on The Music Digest.
Today is the day the sun is out the longest and the summer officially has begun. Let's take the day and the season as a jumping point for good tunes and good vibes. Soak up the sun and enjoy!
As June rolls in, we are all hoping the sun will cleans us of our woes and our ills.  Lets unite and find peace.  2 hours of tunes and good vibes only.  Catch those rays.
Stephen Perry of Brooklyn indie rock band <a href="">The Planes</a> drops by to talk a bit about his own music and to do the whole listen-and-react thing, including new music from Crisman, Arbor Labor Union, Deeper, Lemon Pitch, Phantom Posse, and Post Louis.