The Piratones
This week, Jason & Iain continue with Perkie's Album Of The Month, as well as featuring some other new stuff, and no old stuff for a change, though Classic Album will be back next week, so don't fret.
This week, Iain and Jason overthrow a maniacal opressor, simply with the strength of their characters, their dashing good looks, rapier wit, and £10,000,000 worth of awesome fire-power. Oh, and they also play some UK College based music whilst they're at it. Come on, whadd'ya say?... Let's radio!
True to form, our diamonique duo have created a marvelous, and totally original, theme song for the "Schwervon On The Road" feature, which we'll be featuring for the next month or so. I bet you can't wait can you! Oh, you're already listening to the show, so it turns out you didn't wait.. Nevermind! Whadaya say? Let's Radio!