The New Mastersounds
The opening title track, D.O.D., represents AGBEKO’s most reverent nod to Fela Kuti yet with an onslaught of horn stabs & wailing organs!
Negus Negast plays w/ a strong beat & solos as an initial burst of brass & drums create a bombastic flavor before making way for heavy horns
The brilliance of Newen Afrobeat’s Opposite People is how it builds so infectiously, and is given some extra weight by the brass section!
Wow! This week we have Little Lemmy (not the Motorhead guy), Big Joe (not the rapper), The New Mastersounds (so much better than the old mastersounds) copying The Meters and doing it well. Also, some tracks from the Mr Bongo 25th Birthday compilation, which are without fail fantastic.
Wow! This week we have more from the brand new Budos Band LP, plus haunting melodies from the likes of Apple & The Three Oranges, Cherry Boop & The Sound Makers, Marlboro Men, and we kick things off with our favourite ginger ball of trouble, Shirley Temple. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you? How will it all turn out???
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