The Mohawks
This week, Jason has a New Year's Special for you. Well, sort of. Occasionally he mentions that it's a different year now.. Still, the music is sooper dooper top notch heavy dooty stuff, so what's not to like?
This week, Jason & Gemma have a special guest animal, live in the studio. Also, new tracks, old tracks, even older tracks, and some chat that just can't be scripted. What would be the point?
Wow! This week we have a band named after a tape machine, a band named after quite a long distance, a band named after a vessel for keeping pepper in, as well as a band that could be named after an old hairstyle, but are not.
This week, Mr Jason brings you a wang dang poodle of a show, all on his lonesome. Will he let that last fact spoil the mood?? Of course not! Instead of that, he'll be bringing you some incredible funk, soul, afrobeat, and soundtrack music of the highest order, separated by hilarious and informative chat. How will it turn out??? Let's do a radio and see!
Well, after last fortnight's storming "Foreigners Special", it remains to be seen whether or not we can keep up that kind of pace with today's show.. Am I worried? No freakin way Hose B! Cos we've got an absolutely packed full of jam show, and some stupid banter to back it up. Can We Radio It? Let Us Kick It & See!
Andy Stott. Eola. Saul Williams. Golden Triangle. Murals. John Maus. Bix Beiderbecke. Grass Widow. Caddywhompus. Steve Hauschildt. Isle. Blue Hawaii. And more...