The weather in New York this week was absolutely awful!! Rain, rain, and more rain! That’s why I’m starting today’s show off with a sunny song about warm temperatures. And it only heats up from there! We’ve got Terry Malts, Mr. Dream, and Speech Debelle to keep things rolling on the show today. And don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!
Celestial Shore. Black Milk. Silk Rhodes. Miserable Chillers. Kiasmos. Torn Hawk. G. Green. Coyote. Star Rover. DRTYDRDZ. And more...
Today Patrick K and Matt react to a fresh crop of songs on an all-new episode of the Music Digest!
It's The Rock Show, bro. Think you can handle it? Pffft, probably not. Loser.
If Saturday or Sunday is the day of rest, then FRIDAY is the day to ROCK!
Today’s episode is a momentous one! Not only are we celebrating the one year anniversary of The Music Digest, we’re also lamenting the departure of DJ Margaret, who will unfortunately be leaving BTR and the podcast. BUT! This show is a good one - we all showcase our three favorite artists or tracks that we were exposed to during our year-long run. Artists that we wouldn’t have heard of or listened to had it not been for the show. And, no worries! Pat and Matt will be carrying on The Music Digest torch and opening a new great chapter in the show’s legacy.
Ausmuteants. HTRK. El Guincho. Ohbliv. Douglas Dare. Rafter. Laughing Fingers. Burnt Ones. Zula. And more...
Spring has SPRUNG, dammit! So I've expertly sewn a set of tweepop, indiepop, and everything in betweenpop. If you like wearing a tshirt and feeling the sun on your face... you're gonna want to hear this!
Mind Spiders. Warm Soda. Marissa Nadler. Matthew E. White. Silkworm. Lights. The Mantles. ASPE. And so much more...