It’s sad when a 93 year old restaurant Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, that has been something of a neighborhood staple closes it’s doors for good. It’s even more sad when they list the reason for closure as high labor costs. The current minimum wage in San Francisco is $12.25, and that is barely enough to afford rent in the city. Definitely a conundrum. On a brighter note, my love of breakfast has been met by a wonderful Instagram account called Symmetry Breakfast. It’s basically everything. Hanabi, is becoming something of a Japanese cuisine master and he’s flaunting it with his sake shioyaki and taking it even further with his scallion pancakes.
The Thursday Show for November 18, 2015 is the second installation of my throwback Thursday mixes. You'll be hearing many of my favorite tunes from over the years.
Hanabi and the little lady ended up hitting up Hawaii, Oahu, The North Shore more specifically. What a great idea that was. We decided to keep it all beach, all the time. That decision was highlighted by the fact that we couldn’t be bothered to show up for our reservation at Morimoto’s in Waikiki. Not for lack of trying though. Their site says they close at 10, but when your last seating is at 9, then you actually close at 9. Aside from that Haleiwa is great little town not far from the beautiful Waimea bay where we had the most amazing whole roasted crab in curry off the back of a Thai food truck. The curry was spiced perfectly and the crab was cooked perfectly. That and a couple of beers and we were set for the night. If you’re in the area you must visit Ted’s Bakery and Wailua Bakery Let’s just say Loco Moco is the breakfast of choice, that is until you’ve had it and then you need to go with an Acai bowl the next day because you can only do Loco Moco once. You also are required to drink all the drinks on offer at Turtle Bay Resort and it’s beachside bars.