The Machismos - Live @ Old School Studios
THE MACHISMO'S - This week's show is a special one for me. I've been a big fan of Sam Marsh since the late 80s, when he sang, drummed, and wrote the songs for Jacobs Mouse. They are probably the best band ever to come from East Anglia in the UK. One of my first gigs was supporting them at the Carnegie Rooms in Thetford, Norfolk. I remember it well, because my girlfriend at the time couldn't dance to my band, as she was feeling really ill. She made a miraculous recovery in time to jump around for the whole of Jacobs Mouse's set though! Hehe. After that band quit, Sam formed The Machismo's with various friends, and his wife Rachel. They split in 1996. I was excited to find out recently that they've reformed, and was more excited to find that they were up for coming over to Norwich for a radio session!