The Jesus Furs
We’ve got a cold theme on Garbage Garage today, plus a crazy story about one of our favorite bands, Deer Tick! Stay tuned…
It's BIRTHDAY WEEK on BTR, so this week, we're taking a looooong stroll back down memory lane-- all the way to the beginning of Overnight Sensation! This is the setlist from the very first episode. It's cool to see what bands are still around (Twerps, Sea Lions), and which ones aren't! One thing is for sure-- pretty much all of these bands would still fit in on most of the episodes I make now, so at least I'm consistent!
00:00 Mic Break 02:25 I Fought Fings - The Twerps 05:10 Nothing About Nothing - The Twerps 08:26 Mic Break 10:39 Glued to My Heart - The Bad Moods 13:53 Bag of Plantains - Byrds of Paradise 15:53 Paradise, DC - Byrds of Paradise 18:25 Mic Break 19:39 Celibate Blues - The Cave Kids 23:08 Late Night - Posing Nude 26:12 Pockets Full - Sun Mantra 29:24 Mic Break 32:13 Stormy Late Fall - Campfires 33:29 Daytime T.V. Blues - Campfires 35:50 Flower Reading - Cough Cool 38:46 Mic Break 39:47 Hungry Ghost - The Jesus Furs 42:41 Moptop Love - The Jesus Furs 44:54 Women of Age - Day Creeper 47:26 Mic Break 50:21 Dead Vibrations - Drum Kit 52:58 On My Mind - Terminated Television 56:55 The Champion - Hollywood Elementary 60:35 Mic Break 65:21 Good Feelings - Sea Lions 67:10 Beautiful Day - Sea Lions 68:50 Finish The Twerps May 02 2012 - Abbey Bar - Harrisburg, PA Sea Lions May 31 2012 - Chaos in Tejas - Austin, TX Jun 02 2012 - Chaos in Tejas - Austin, TX Day Creeper