The Hundred In The Hands
DJ Hanabi just texted me to tell me that Forbes has reported that Seattle is the current number 2 coolest city in the country. Someone is feeling a little sure of themselves. We figured we’d let him back it up by giving an update now that he’s a little more settled in his new digs. Tanakasan sounds like it hits the spot.
t’s Blue Week at BTR. So, naturally we thought of Blue Cheese. But, Blue cheese has been done to death, so we wanted to discuss some other cheeses and share with you our favorites. Also here’s a simple little recipe for Raclette and potatoes. It’s simple: Take fingerling potatoes, add cornichons, add sliced shallots and drizzle melted Raclette cheese plus salt and pepper and eat. See how easy that was?
So we’re not quite ready for the holidays just yet. We’ve still got a couple more weeks officially, but hey that’s when you should be planning to throw a total rager. We asked Insane Dane to come up with some epic mixed drinks and with my discovery of the Soviet era cookbook, The Book of Tasty and Healthy Foods I’m now planning to host the Communist Party and I don’t mean Lenin and Stalin, although they would approve. Na Zdorovie!
I do love New York City in the fall, and I do love watching my Minnesota Vikings. So, it seemed like a brilliant idea to o go and see both at the same time as my beloved Vikings were set to battle the completely rotten, winless New York Giants. If my Vikings are good at anything, it’s making terrible teams look brilliant. They did not fail me under the bright lights of Metlife Stadium. This was also a great opportunity to meet up with regular contributor to the show, Insane Dane. He accompanied me to the game and showed me what a truly delicious stadium dog New Yorkers are privileged to have. We went right for the Kosher dog vendor and got a perfectly cooked dog with sauerkraut. Pair that with a Stella and we were in business. Check out Insane Dane’s take on Game day in his latest Dish + Drink.
I’m ready for some football edition of Eatopia!
Since we’re headed towards the 4th of July Hanabi and I thought we’d share our plans for the holiday as well as some our nostalgic memories from holidays past. Basically, Hanabi is a communist as he’s not really doing anything this year, at least nothing exciting. Yours truly on the other hand is going fullon Argentine BBQ for this ID4. We’re building a Parrilla in my back yard to fully execute my vision.