The Host
Another badass show of hyped-up glitchy awesomeness! This week we feature tracks from Slugabed, Ceephax, Polysick and always more, more, more... Right here on the Glitch//IDM show!
What's going on everyone!!! Are you all ready for this week? In work! In wisdom! In life! That's ok, me neither... But today's show is just the swift little ass-kick that will get you going :) So find a nice warm spot to rest your butt for a bit and let's do this~~~ ]glitch//idm[ -:ed:-
Welcome back! This week on the show we're focusing on that new school ish. So get out your calculator, cause it's gonna get tricky in here! Glitch/DM loves you.
The show this week is for the middle-brained people, with too much time on their hands, too much freedom to acheive, and too much sound to embrace. This is the kind of show that lends well to doing, as opposed to stagnation. So come on in; it's nice and warm...
Yeah! The show this week is going to be all kinds of sweet. I got some new Squarepusher for ya, plus other new tunes from all your favorite IDMy nerds... Finally, we talk about some hard truths of life and overcoming frustration. So come on in, grab your snuggy and go!
Feelin' damn good this week, and I intend on passing along the extra smiles to you all! We've been branching out quite a bit lately to find new artists for the show. So far it has been working quite well as this week's show will indicate. So stay tuned for more greatness.