We had ourselves a little sit down with our homegirl Jess Nguyen of Banh Mi Love You Long Time who is totally having it large. She bikes around San Francisco delivering some the most delicious Banh Mi sandwiches ever. She's for sure living the dream. We talked about how she got started, how she settled on the most awesome name for a business ever, and her biggest influences. If you ever find yourself in San Francisco craving some delectable Vietnamese street eats then don't miss Banh Mi Love You Long Time. Don't sleep!
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It's Food Week on BTR, just in time for all your hot-weather faves (watermelon martini, anyone?) On this week's Sew & Tell, we have some fashionable food for thought! I'm joined by two incredibly innovative minds, who have each created new beverage-based textiles. Yes. I said beverage-based. Anke Domaske is a German microbiologist and fashion designer, who started her label Mademoiselle Chi Chi, ten years ago. Just two years ago, Anke began to experiment with milk-protein-produced textiles, and ultimately created Qmilch, an all-natural, silk-like fabric made from casein. Similarly, Australian scientific artist Gary Cass, along with designer Donna Franklin, decided to try using bacterial growth from the wine-making process to create garments. The result was Micro'be' Fermented Fashion, a flexible, leather-like substance which can be molded to the body, and has amazing applications that extend far beyond fashion. On today's show, Anke and Gary will each talk about the start of their developments, the science behind these unique substances, and the future of both Qmilch and Micro'be'. Plus, music from Beachwood Sparks, Lea Ices, Future of What, Husky, and more! So grab your sketchpad (and measuring spoons) and prepare to innovate, as fashion meets food here on BreakThru Radio!
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The Alt-Country hour on BreakThru Radio!
It's Winter Break on BTR's Roadside Assistance, presented by Continental Airlines! 8 different BTR DJs are representing 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best with snowshoing, snowman building and winter falconry! Take it with ye wherever ye are bound!