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90-minutes of tunes on BTR!
The best of the best on BTR!
90-minutes of music for you this Tuesday on BTR!
Some rock music, some non-rock music, but whaddya expect?? It's The Rock Show on BTR!
It’s Anti-Social Week here on BTR, and my guest this week is the perfect style solution for when you’re doing a bit of hibernation. Ashley Jude and co-founder Ellie Williams launched Tog + Porter in 2009, offering their customers a unique opportunity to receive personal style service and fresh fashions by mail. Five years later, Tog + Porter have a strong fan base of women from all stages of life, from new moms to mid-career professionals, to young college grads. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Ashley about how she got the idea to launch Tog + Porter following the 2008 financial crisis, what it takes to be part of their stellar team of stylists, the step-by-step details of how Tog + Porter’s service works, some of the brands and labels you might find in your delivery box of goodies, and how their stylists work with clients to build fashion confidence that will last a lifetime. Plus, I have all the details for you on today’s CMJ BTR Showcase Party over at Cake Shop, with a lineup that features a whole afternoon of live indie music from Dinosaur Feathers, Literature, Popstrangers & more, AND a playlist full of great music for you on today’s show including tracks from The Fresh & Onlys, Iska Dhaaf, and Tweedy. We’re having so much fun this week on BTR, we just might forget to be anti-social!
Enjoy this mix alongside DJ Emily today!
Hanging with DJ Emily this Tuesday is a good idea.
Enjoy your Tuesday with 90-minutes of music and fun with DJ Emily.
Today on the show we feature brand new tracks from a smart, fun band appropriately called literature, a familiar floaty songstress called JJ, and a live band track from way way back from fan favorites Holiday Shores.  All that plus, your perfect soundtrack to one of the last summer Saturdays!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy BTR, and while you’re at it, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and SoundCloud!
90-minutes of tunes this Tuesday on BTR! Enjoy them alongside DJ Emily!
00:00 DJ Emily 00:34 Josephine - Skygreen Leopards 03:07 Animal of One - Fresh and Onlys 07:04 Fragment - Amatorski 10:52 Wait For Love - Strand of Oaks 14:52 I Know A Girl - Freeman 16:55 DJ Emily 17:35 She Wants To - White Reaper 18:53 Fortune Tellers - Peter Matthew Bauer 22:19 Hong Kong Hotel - Beverly 25:09 Hey Rockin' - Black Bananas 28:01 DJ Emily 28:39 Just For You - White Lung 30:47 Finish Strand of Oaks LIVE!!! Jul 26 - Xponential Music Festival - Camden, NJ album art from House of Spirits Fresh and Onlys LIVE!!! Jul 21 - Great Scott - Allston, MA
The Tuesday mix is ready to go on BTR!
The best of the best on BTR this week!
July 3. Thursday Mix. 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:19 Lights Explode-Sanders Bohlke 04:46 American- Ciaran Lavery 09:11 The River-Reuben and the Dark 13:13 Nothing Will Change-Sharon Van Etten 16:24 Boxer-Abi Wade 19:29 Ditch-Arc Iris 23:47 Lottie on BTR 24:47 Dandelion -Kovacs & the Polar Bear 28:10 Bittersweet And Roses-Mountain Feist 30:53 Wyld Woman-Camp Wisdom 34:34 East Coast Raga-The Donkeys 38:39 I've Got Freedom-Lily & Madeleine 41:49 The American War-Simone White 45:23 Lottie on BTR 46:45 American Horror-Speedy Ortiz 50:15 America and Europe Too-Coachwhips 51:49 Drown With The Monster-White Lung 53:51 July -Weekend 57:43 Who Let the Devil-The Fresh & Onlys 61:38 Galaxy Punk-Sleepy Sun 64:09 Lottie on BTR 64:35 White To Red- Fenster 67:45 Lemonade- CocoRosie 72:53 On Blue Mountain -Foxygen 78:40 America-Fear of Men 82:59 America!-Bill Callahan 88:27 Lottie on BTR 89:43 Snookum- Firecracker Jazz Band 92:46 Finish Ciaran Lavery Jul 4, 2014 Belfast Guitar Festival-Belfast,Ireland The Donkeys Jul 3, 2014 Low Spirits-Albuquerque,NM Jul 5, 2014 Opols-Norman,OK The Fresh and Onlys Jul 5, 2014 The Chapel-San Francisco,CA Jul 6, 2014 The Echo-Los Angeles,CA
The best of the best on BTR!
June 26. Thursday Mix.
90-minutes of tunes today on BTR!
The best of the best on BTR!
It's The Rock Show, bro. Think you can handle it? Pffft, probably not. Loser.
This week, The Hash talks 'Obvious Child,' personality tests, and fending off unwanted advances.
It's time to celebrate because it's the first World Cup Saturday!! Today we have the perfect playlist for your first Saturday of soccer, and we're starting off the show with the internationally appropriate La Chiva Gantiva, who have a brand new album out! Plus, new tracks from the comeback band of the year (maybe?) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. All of that, plus don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!
It’s Legacy Week on BTR and Father’s Day on Sunday, so today’s Sew & Tell is all about honoring the fashion legacies of fathers, grandfathers, and older generations. My guest is Christina Belchere, photographer and curator behind the buzzy new Instagram feed Fashion Grandpas, whose photo collection centers around the snappy street style of silver-haired gentlemen. Fashion Grandpas is at once adorable, moving, inspiring, and full of humor, and on today’s show, Christina will talk about how she started collecting these “grandpas,” the dapper style elements that catch her eye, and how she incorporates the grandpas’ looks into her own menswear-inspired wardrobe. Plus, I’m joined later in the show by DJ Dane - together we recap the psychedelic 70’s styles from the most current Mad Men episodes, and do some speculating on what might be ahead for the one & lonely Mr. Don Draper. And as always, I’ve got some great new tunes in the playlist from artists like The Fresh & Onlys, Half-handed Cloud, Dead Stars, and more. So join us now on BTR for a look at some classic menswear styles handed down by dear old dad!
Dear Everybody -- This week's Rock Show is gonna knock your socks off... Then it's gonna knock your gloves off! It's summer, you shouldn't be wearing them anyway! Love, DJ Patrick K.
This week on Biology of the Blog we chat with Erin Gleeson, author behind the cooking blog The Forest Feast featuring beautiful photographic recipes.
May 8, 2014.
This week, The Hash covers relationship labels, speed dating, and modern rules of friendship.
Today on The Music Digest, Patrick K and Lehtola discuss new releases from Thee Oh Sees, Protomartyr, The Fresh & Onlys, Woods, and Nat Baldwin... PLUS an old tune from NZ's favorite son Pumice! It's an exciting episode. You're not gonna wanna miss it!
On today's show we have a ton of new music, ranging from electronic to folk to rock and roll. I'm most excited for new tracks from Woods, Thee Oh Sees, and The Fresh & Onlys. Don't forget to check out BTR on social media, too! We've got a ton of great content on there for you, in addition to all of the music on today's show!
If Saturday or Sunday is the day of rest, then FRIDAY is the day to ROCK!
A year after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, how much change have we seen within the industry? For this week’s Connection theme on Sew & Tell, I speak with Juliette Donatelli, founder and editor of the sustainability-focused website spades + siLK, about the intimate connections between our choices as consumers and the impact of the fashion industry on environment and economy. Juliette’s background and education are in environmental science, and it was through that work that she discovered a passion for championing sustainability within fashion. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Juliette about the mission and meaning behind spades + siLK, why she loves organic cotton, the significance of last week’s Fashion Revolution Day and its connection to the Rana Plaza tragedy, her take on the concept of “ethical fast fashion,” a few of her favorite brands, labels, shops, and beauty products, and more! Plus, I’ve got a playlist full of great new material from established favorites San Fran bands Thee Oh Sees and The Fresh & Onlys, as well as up-and-coming artists Coldair, Fear of Men, and more. So join us on BTR as we examine the essential connection between our money and our values.
Today In The Den I talk about and play music from Fresh and Onlys, Woods, Thee Oh Sees, Sufjan Stevens and Mark E
Spring has sprung! And, thank goodness, so have new albums! We're swimming in new music this week, including my personal favorites, The Hold Steady, plus new tunes from new bands like Ausmuteants and Tony Molina, and more old favorites like Sleepy Sun. Don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!