New Years is almost upon us. Instead of going out this year DJ Hanabi is hosting a little gathering. We aim to impress. With deliciousness such as Gougere’s, which are basically little cheese puffs. Hanabi is also pulling from left field to introduce Scotch Eggs as a New Years thing. You want fun drinks? Okay, how about Punch Parker, a Prosecco and Gin plus fresh fruit punch that is sure to have guests talking about how awesome of a host I am. Oh, and Hanabi is blowing you mind with his Vampiro recipe. It’s a cocktail; a mean looking cocktail.
It’s Future Week here on BTR!  I think that the future is a fascinating concept, so we’re dedicating the first half of the show to future-themed songs!  But don’t worry, we still have a ton of new music for you in the back half of the show, with an exciting track from Woods/Babies member Kevin Morby. Plus, check out more stuff from more great bands on BTR’s Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud pages!
This week I just had to talk about the upcoming release of the second installment of hilarious Brit-com, The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. This time the lads head to Italy. I can’t wait! Also, I headed down to lesser known corner of the Bay Area, a city of about 1 Million people, and home to Adobe (Yes, Photoshop. That Adobe.) AKA, San Jose where I had a calorie bust at the San Pedro Square Market (re: Poutine). Insane Dane did one of my favorite things in the world, he had brunch, at a supper club.
DJ Wynn had a special moment at the beach this summer and shares it with you, along with music from Charles Bradley, Childish Gambino, KOOL A.D., and Angel Haze.