Rock Show going HARD in 2013 with one of DJ Patrick K's HARDEST sets yet... Just try and stop this Rock Show, I dare you. You will not survive, I promise you that.
"What's up?" "Not much, you?" "Oh, I'm just listening to that Overnight Sensation on BTR." "What's 'Overnight Sensation on BTR'?" "Oh it's this really great radio show on BTR, all the best underground, up-and-coming music you could ever hear in one easy place!" "Sounds awesome, bro. How can I listen to it?" "Just go to BTR today and type in the "overnight sensation" and you're in-- it's as easy as that." "That's rad. I am going to listen now, thanks!" "OK cool. See you tonight?" "Yep!" "Love you." "Love you too, bye." "Bye!"