The Daktaris
Fogo Fogo is about Fela having a big party performing his hits. He served drinks to his guests, & they drank everything. When he couldn’t afford more a riot ensued!
Enjoy ‘Beautiful’ from Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra’s latest album, ‘Man Is Enough!’ The only Afrobeat band in Poland, they uniquely use the power of 3 female vocalists.
Captain Murphy. Broadcast. Majestyy. Nosaj Thing. The Daktaris. Burial. Campfires. Montag. Tonstartssbandht. J Dilla. Savoir. Samuel Yirga. And more...
Hey Hey Hey! It's the old team, back together again! This week, Jason and the good doctor whip up a stew of epic proportions. Mainly of the funk & soul variety, but also with some afrobeat, and other tasty morsels thrown in, for her pleasure.. Intrigued? Let's Radio And See!
For this week's Cooking show, Latola makes a batch of Pain au Chocolat (bread and chocolate)