The Cleptos
This week we're hitting all the best spring-time bands: The Courtneys, Times New Viking, Bill Fox, The Go-Betweens, and so many more. If it's spring-time where you are, this mix will sound very good to you! But it's a good mix in all seasons, so just check it out!
This week's show is another great set in a long line of so many great sets. We've got hits from favs like TONY MOLINA, SCOTT DEADELUS, PERFECT HAIR FOREVER, and so many more. It's a POP-fest, and it's a lot of fun.
YES. This is a great episode indeed. First set is full of high energy punk and rock and roll and more. Second set is on the poppier side of that, but still keeps things ROCKin'! You might think this was the rock show from all these cool rock tunes we got from killer bands like Sheer Mag, The Coneheads, Giorgio Murderer, and Dogs Only...That is, if you're a total moron. LOL. This is the kind of set you'll only find on Overnight Sensation!
The ROCK SHOW on BTR is #1! I said, The ROCK SHOW on BTR is #1! You can't beat it, don't even try... Loser.
Oh my dearies... if you're not excited by this HIGH ENERGY, ROCK AND ROLL set of #1 hit songs from the year 2013... I'm afraid I can't help you. You are going to die.
Dreams can come true... It could happen to you! Only on Overnight Sensation!