The Cardigans
We're taking a stroll down memory lane and playing some of the very best tunes of the 1990s! A whole decade, boiled down to an hour! Can we even do this? Well, with the help of some of the finest songs ever recorded, songs from bands like HENRY'S DRESS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS, DARCY CLAY, and DON LENNON... I think we're gonna make it!      
Ripping through some summer faves in this set. Starts off light 'n' poppy with tracks from MAZES, THE 6THS, MARINE GIRLS, and more! The back half gets a bit darker and stranger courtesy of CASE STUDIES, NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY, etc etc. Good stuff, IMO, and you're gonna think so too.
Alright it's Spring Break on BTR Today's Roadside Assistance, presented by United Airlines! Listen as 8 different BTR Today DJs present 8 different interpretations on what kind of soundtrack goes best sans school on a debaucherous trip to the beach!
This week's setlist is a true classic. First half is Rock and Roll and Indie Pop, second set is some loud loner sounds. I firmly believe that you are going to love it, if only you give it a chance!
Only one more day until Thanksgiving... Count down to T-Day. Are you ready? If not, listen to this mix. It will get you in the mood... ;)
OH MY GOD, are you kidding me?? This week's Rock Show is so jam packed full of psycho-delic pop music in the first half, and so cram-packed with low-key rockers in the second half... I just can't even believe it! And don't forget to follow on SOUNDCLOUD, PINTEREST, TUMBLR, and so farth! (Transcriber's note: DJ Patrick K said that part in a fake Irish accent.) Have a great weekend!