The Budos Band
The Listening Booth is spinning new hip hop from ZGTO + high energy alt with Japandroids—check it!
This week on the show - brand new music from Bright Brown, Sneaks, Loose Tooth, and more, plus a record label feature spotlighting the legendary Brooklyn funk/soul machine, Daptone!  
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mid July tunes - New & Old to enjoy on a sunday in the summer. It's DJ Drew's Dealer's Choice only on BTR
Wow! This week, it's great to have my trusty sideboard Gemma by my, erm, side, again. Oh Gemma, why have you been a wafer so long? So, we have genuinely tanfastic music today from the likes of Fred Hughes, Ronny Kae, and The Budos Band. Oh boy! I can't wait! Can you?
BTR Counts down the top ten most played artists on our podcasts for the week of October 5, 2015. You'll hear from The Ghost Ease, Born Ruffians, Gang Signs and more. Stay tuned to see who is #1!