The Blue Jean Committee
Mid June Dealer's Choice from DJ Drew on with an extended doubleshot and a full block of State inspired tunes.
2014 is almost over!! There’s only just a few days left, and on this week’s show, we’re going to play some of the best new songs from this year! It’s part one of a part two celebration of all the amazing music in 2014. So check out this batch of songs, and then make sure to tune in again next Saturday for the rest!! It’ll be a Saturday treat between Christmas and New Year’s!
It's a new week, and it's another souper soaraway copy of the audio newspaper that is, Planet Beeet! Plenty of new stuff and news stuff to get your attention, and more stuff to KEEP your attention once we've got it. We's 100% raring to go! Am you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let's Radio!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
This Saturday we're bringing you a song from the brand new amazing album from Philadelpha's The War on Drugs, plus for comedy friends a brand new song from The Blue Jean Committee aka the silliest band name ever aka Fred Armisen's fake band from SNL. Plus, don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Soundcloud!