The Banjees
It's Specialization Week on BTR, and we're exploring highly-specialized entrepreneurs.
Banjees, Pop 1280, La Sera, and many more on today's star-studded episode of Downtown & Brooklyn! It's only on BTR!!!!
Now I'm downtown, now I'm Brooklyn / Does anyone know the difference?
Michael Lala grew up mostly in the western United States and Tokyo, and studied writing in Michigan. He is the author of the chapbooks [fire!] ([sic] Detroit) and Under the Westward Night (Knickerbocker Circus). His poems and text art have appeared or will in the Red Cedar Review, Low Log, Underwater New York, HTMLGIANT, I Am a Natural Wonder, and GQ Italy online, among others. He curates Fireside Follies, is a founding member of 1441, and lives and works in Brooklyn.
In honor of Housing Week, Latola, Avi, Jake, Thompson and Patrick talk about New York City rents and living conditions.
Ever been to downtown or Brooklyn? Now's your chance...