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The Listening Booth goes funky in these strange times w/new RJD2, fresh off a Reddit AMA talking beginnings, fav 2020 albums, & hot dogs!
BTR Eatopia: Schoolin The Kids on some Chorizo Edition
Today's show includes music from Adam Green, Julia Nunes, First Aid Kit, and many more!
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Since we’re based in the tech-capital of the country, if not the world we thought it might be interesting to see how all the gizmo-tech relates to the food we eat. Hanabi discovered a local SF service called that delivers fresh, healthy food prepared by local chefs. The site is slick and easy to use. Hanabi noted that the same guy who brought us the terrible Google Glass may have redeemed himself with a lab made burger. Insane Dane wants you to know about Star Trek, specifically “Earl Grey. Hot!”.
Quince is a one Michelin star restaurant that is somewhat of a local legend around town and I just happened to have dinner there on the same night we recorded the show. It was fresh in mind so I needed to discuss. In our quest to be as diverse as possible we cleanly segued into burger talk, specifically Umami Burger. Since we we're already discussing burgers, we wanted to give a shout out to the fast food workers seeking a living wage.