Television Personalities
Hey hey hey! Classic set this week! We kick things off with some new good stuff from THE PRITS, CHOOK RACE, SMILES on the rock end of the spectrum. Then we take a turn into more postpunk/weirdo territory with TREEHOUSE, FILTHY HUNS, DUMB WOLVES, and more more more!
Here we go, taking a good look into the Overnight Sensation grab bag! There's a LOT of stuff in there... Let us check out what we get!
If you know me, you know that I can't get enough of INDIE POP music! That's why I stuffed this set chock full of twee, jangle, and lo-fi junk from the 80s, 90s, and today! You'll hear hits from cool bands like Beatnik Filmstars, The Springfields, Beanpole, Titans of Filth, and so many more... To know this set is to love it.
This week I'm joined by Brooklyn-based painter Jamie Powell. Her paintings are playful abstractions infused with the color palates and high-energy of saturday morning cartoons and sugary childrens breakfast cereals. Along with the eye-popping colors in her work, Jamie also cuts into her canvases leaving holes and geometric shapes that some times resemble a pair of eyes, shattered glass or teeth.
This week on the show my guest is Allison Maletz. Allison's watercolor paintings , installations and sound works examine the  contradictions and sometimes ugliness that lies underneath the surface of the suburban family.  In paintings of bizarre and humorous scenes taken from family photos, and in installations comprised of old furniture and the sounds of disembodied voices, Allison's work reflects a world in which we are simultaneously loved and neglected, out of synch yet still connected to each other by the obligations of family. Allison's work is currently on view at the Florence Griswald Museum in Connecticut as part of the show Animal/Vegetable/Mineral: An Artist's Guide to the World. 00:00 Thomas Intro 01:34 Allison Maletz Interview pt. 1 04:57 Expectations -  Belle and Sebastian 08:21  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 2 11:26 I Have a Secret - Half Japanese 13:57  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 3 18:41 Can You Keep a Secret - The Bitters 21:09  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 4 23:23 Cheek to Cheek - Allison Maletz 24:57  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 5 27:30 Utility Purgatory (excerpt)- Allison Maletz 29:48  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 6 32:11 Smashing Time - Television Personalities 34:51  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 7 37:56 Those Mooney Stars - Butterglory 40:07  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 8 42:09 Springtime (excerpt) - Allison Maletz 44:17  Allison Maletz Interview pt. 9 46:34  You Mean Nothing to Me - Jay Reatard 48:20 Finish
This week on the show, a conversation with artist Melissa Brown. Melissa's  kaleidoscopic  prints and collages  draw on  graphics from  lottery tickets, playing cards and currency  to explore questions of value and fantasy. I dropped by her studio to talk about dumpster diving for lottery tickets, something called a"Hexahexaflexagon" and what it's like to make a woodcut print with a steamroller. Hexahexaflexagon, 2009, Two tesselated prints installed, Woodcut on hand dyed paper with stencil,  64 in x 192 in $2485 in Discarded Scratch Off Tickets, 28 in x 28in 00:00 Thomas Intro 00:47 Melissa Brown Interview pt. 1 04:46 Myth - Brilliant Colors 06:41 Melissa Brown Interview pt. 2 11:43 36 Inches High - Nick Lowe 14:26 Melissa Brown Interview pt. 3 11:36 Part Time Punks - Television Personalities 20:13 Melissa Brown Interview pt. 4 23:40 Vacation - Beach Fossils 27:10 Melissa Brown Interview pt. 5 30:50 I Hate The 80s - The Vaselines 34:18 Melissa Brown Interview pt. 6 38:42 Lulu's Lips - Grass Widow 39:10 Finish