End of Sept tunes hand picked by DJ Drew on his weekly Sunday Show only on BTR
I love a crisp September Saturday. A crisp walk in the park, wearing a sweater, listening to great music. It doesn’t get better than that. BTR can take care of one of those three things (the sweater and the weather are out of our hands). But we do promise great music. So make sure to check out the show, and after, head on over to Facebook to give us a like!
The Thursday mix for September 17 brings you tons of new album releases by The Ghost Ease, Soda Shop, Steven A. Clark, Battles, Diane Coffee, Telekinesis and more! Also, stay tuned for a brand new track by The Sugarman 3, a group on one of my favorite Brooklyn-based soul labels, Daptone Records.
The best of the best on BTR this week! Enjoy this Top 10 countdown on BTR!
Your all female music mix is ready for you this Sunday on BTR!
Our first Saturday show in September! But guess what? Even though we’re back to school, summer isn’t over yet! We’ve still got nearly two weeks of official summer left, and great albums are still pouring out: Destroyer, Panda, and Frog Eyes. Check ‘em all out on BTR today!
The Sunday Show with DJ Drew on BTR
It’s the Wednesday before Valentine’s Day, and on God Bless Weirdmeria we’re talking about vocal fry. Yes, the “uhhhhh” sound that your voice sometimes makes that everyone’s been talking about recently. Is it weirder to talk with it, or without it? That, plus a ton of great weird music on the show today!
God Bless Weirdmerica has two really exciting new artists with new tracks on the show today: Dan Deacon and Panda Bear. PB’s work outside of Animal Collective has never been more exciting, and we’ve got two tracks for you today. For more great content, make sure to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, SoundCloud and Pinterest.