Sunken Foal
Ok this is it my friends!!! The final day before I begin this crazy year-long journey across the country and back again… I hope you enjoy the mix, as it is a good one for big life changes and bigger excursions! So let’s do this together… Glitch//IDM Robot Koch – I Won’t Back Down Mitch Murder – Program 893 Modeselektor – Modeselektion
Step into the weirdness this week of glitch-soaked, melodic-drenched electronic tunes! New stuff from Bibio, Datach’i, Kaytranada and a whole lot more of that wackiness you love. 🙂
What’s up guys! OK so this week’s show is more UP than it is any other direction. I think you’ll be feeling it. Picture a super intense fun weekend, complimented with a chilled out Sunday… All in all, I’m diggin’ this one. 🙂 Ok let’s do this!!! glitch//idm ^ed^
Here We Go Again!!! Welcome back everyone:) Ok so this week’s show bounces around a little bit… but still has that heavy flow. Don’t get faked out, stick with it, and your reward will be enlightenment. Or not. Alright, I hope you have the most amazing week of your lives!!! glitch//idm )ed(
This is a pretty badass show! I mean, I don’t like the pat myself on the back… but this one is seriously damn good!!! I hope it can propel you into the week and into your next mission, big or small/ This is the glitch//idm show! let’s go- )ed(
Let’s get this! Ok so the show this week is pretty up-beat overall/ Bigness and Boomness. I got your head noddin’ cause your neck knows respect… So let’s goooooooo. glitch(+)idm //ed//