Sun Glitters
Oh yesssshhhheeeerrrrrriiii. The show has some real heavy flow this week. It feels like an ocean mixed with the smell of a thousand daisies… We are going to discuss house guests and what they can do for our existence, and finally some pure awesome love will be thrown your way. So suit up and boot up, this is the Glitch/ IDM show!
The show this week will serve as your audible sun screen. I know you are probably out enjoying what the world holds for you today, so thanks for taking us on the ride. I promise to keep the show on point and as soundtracky to today as possible. Ok let’s get going!
Hello y’all. Get ready for a warm, loving, nestling version of the Glitch/IDM show. This week we dive deep into our maternal needs and longings. So if you’re a momma’s boy or a daddy’s little girl, this show’s for you! So love it and let it love you.