Sharing some brand spankin’ new songs that’ll blow your mind—we’ve got the best of every side to rock ‘n’ roll!
This is our 333rd show!! So to celebrate, we’re playing a bunch of our favourite 33 1/3 rpm album tracks, all of which have coincedentally featured in our “Album Of The Month” and “Classic Album” segments over the years. Don’t worry though, we’re also continuing with our two current Albums Of The Month, by Phantom Family Halo, and Snowmine; both from Brooklyn in the Newest of Yorks. It’s party time everybody! We’s 100% raring to go! Am you?
Well, today’s show is shaping up to be a classic. We have a special surprise appearance from an old friend, some One Minute Waltz’s, some new old stuff, and some new new stuff. Iain gets all political on our arses, and Jason is the same old cuddly Jason. Wey’re 100% raring to go though! Are you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let’s Radio!
A great line up of bands in store in this week’s show. A new calssic album from ‘The Fourers’ AND a new Album of the Month too AND loads of music from New York based rock n roll groups. What for could you ask more?
Back for the new year to bring you a whole bunch more great music, mostly new but some ‘classic’. Mr Jason is away this week but Iain is on the mic so what d’ya say… Let’s Radio!
Well, it’s cold outside, but it’s warm in bed, so why not let me tuck you into the Planet Beet Bed of Music, and then you can settle down with a cup of Audio Cocoa, and appreciate the soothing sounds, creeping across the airways of your mind. This week, our Album Of The Month is Phantom Family Halo & Francis Jewel’ “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Jungle, our Classic Album is Paul Weller’s seminal “Wild Wood”, and we’re also featuring Subsonics’ brand new LP “In The Black Spot”, which is out now on Slovenly Records. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!