TV Ghost. Neko Case. Bill Callahan. Fuck Buttons. King Khan and the Shrines. Chelsea Wolfe. Steve Hauschildt. Destruction Unit. Nicolas Jarr. And more…
recorded in: Today I talk about and play songs from Majical Cloudz and Saturday Looks Good To Me (this is what the cry of a Minske whale looks like, as a wavelet created in a program designed by Mark Fischer) 00:00 Dentro 01:25 Latola talks Majical Cloudz 06:33 Impersonator – Majical Cloudz 09:47 Latola talks Majical Cloudz 14:44 Childhood’s End – Majical Cloudz 18:33 Latola talks Majical Cloudz 23:44 Bugs Don’t Buzz – Majical Cloudz 27:18 Latola talks Majical Cloudz 32:19 Broken Glass – Jesse Futerman 35:16 Latola talks Saturday Looks Good To Me 37:29 Invisible Friend – Saturday Looks Good To Me 39:54 Latola talks Saturday Looks Good To Me 44:55 Sunglasses – Saturday Looks Good To Me 49:14 Latola talks Saturday Looks Good To Me 53:01 Break In – Saturday Looks Good To Me 56:03 Latola says goodbye 57:48 Music For A Moire Pattern – Steve Hauschildt 68:52 Finish (“Impersonator” art) Majical Cloudz live: May 21 at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY May 22 at Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR May 23 at Venue Vancouver in Vancouver, BC Sep 5-7 at Hopscotch Music Fest in Raleigh, NC (“One Kiss Ends It All” art) Saturday Looks Good To Me live: May 23    at Schuba’s w/ Like Pioneers in Chicago, IL May 24    at Mainstreet in Toledo, OH May 25    at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI Sep 26    at Hunter’s Ale House (Midwest Fest) in Mount Pleasant, MI (“Dead Gaze” art) Dead Gaze live: Jun 15 at Schubas Tavern in Chicago IL Jun 16 at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis MN Jun 25 at The Mill in Iowa City IA Jun 26 at Ace of Cups in Columbus OH
00:00 Latola 00:36 Acid Rain – Chance the Rapper 04:12 Land of Lords – The Underachievers 07:56 The Ritual – Captain Murphy 11:05 Visions – The Cyclist 16:43 Marijuana – Chrome Sparks 19:41 Music For A Moire Pattern – Steve Hauschildt 31:00 Latola 32:34 Don’t Grecko Your Brother – Jesse Futerman 34:20 Broken Glass – Jesse Futerman 37:14 All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There – Le Caretaker 41:00 Le Grand – Lilacs and Champagne 46:55 A tout a l’heure – Bibio 51:03 Was All Talk – Kurt Vile 58:45 Heal – Child of Lov 62:21 Latola 63:34 She Will – Savages 67:01 No Face – Savages 70:37 It Fit When I Was A Kid – Liars 74:44 T.H.M. – Deerhunter 79:01 Sleepwalking – Deerhunter 82:10 Waves and Flying Dust Monsters – Wax Monsters 85:42 Goblin Town – Mux Mool 87:42 Cancor – TV Ghost 90:19 Latola 92:01 Wolves – Valentina 97:57 Finish (“Acid Rap” art) Chance the Rapper live: May 25 at Metro in Chicago, IL May 26 at Metro in Chicago, IL Jun 28 at Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans, LA Jul 1 at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN Jul 5 at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL Jul 6 at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL Jul 11 at Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA Jul 12 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA Jul 21 at Buffalo Outer Harbor in Buffalo, NY Jul 27 at The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI (“Exquisite Basement” EP) Jesse Futerman live: no shows listed (“Phantasm” art) TV Ghost live: no shows listed (“Home” art) Austra live: 06-02 Dublin, Ireland – Fobidden Fruit 06-06 Zurich, Switzerland – Plaza 06-07 Luzerne, Sweden – Sudpol 06-08 Yverdon-les Bains, Sweden – L’Amalgame 06-10 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bitterzoet 06-12 Paris, France – Le Nouveau Casino 06-14 Berlin, Germany – Lido 06-17 London, UK – Hoxton Bar Grill 06-20 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg 06-23 Los Angeles, LA – Troubadour 06-26 San Francisco, CA – The Independent (“Sparks” EP) Chrome Sparks live: May 11 at Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles, CA May 12 at Soda Bar in San Diego, CA May 16 at Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO