DJ Hanabi loves fair food. Corndogs are a staple. Nobody’s talking about them because we’re so wrapped up in gluten content. We need to start talking about corndogs. So, we did.
This week we thought we would investigate the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, if that's your thing. We discuss places to eat if you want to go that route, such as one of my Favorite non San Francisco places, The Pig’s Ear in Dublin Ireland. We share our thoughts on cooking for Valentine’s Day. We also discover that Hanabi just wants to skip the food and get right to the drinking.
So, here we are on the homeward stretch towards ditching the holiday shackles and boy am I hungry….. for something that isn't turkey or ham (although I did just buy 3 oz of amazing jamon Iberico, but that's another story.) or stuffing or gravy. DJ Hanabi and I had ourselves a little discussion about what Asian cuisine reigns supreme (that's a total pun and stolen in jest). We battle (never start a land war in Asia!) over whether Thai, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese (Yes, Malaysian, Burmese, Indian, Indonesian and many others exist too, but it's only an hour long show, jeez!) is best. In the end, because we're both kind of not feeling 100% we decide on the best meal for our post holiday cravings. Also, we named dropped Mission Chinese Food. Yummm!!