St. Martiins
DJRePete spins his annual Best In Mix part 1 w/beats from !!!, blues with Mavis Staples, and folk with The Rural Alberta Advantage!
Tune in to the Listening Booth for the BTRToday debut of the mysterious Lord Sonny The Unifier + info on a benefit concert w/Har-Di-Har!
A mix of fresh tracks + summer nostalgia in the Listening Booth w/alt via The Jagaur Club, electro from the Sneaks, and alt rock w/Ride!
Awesome new music from The Garden, The Jaguar Club, and Medium Mystic on the show today, plus talkin’ about the great new movie The Big Sick
We got a lot of exclusive songs for you this week--so get ready to be ahead of the music game!
In this episode, Bryan and J explore the important topics of whether Alan Alda has ever been in a Wes Anderson movie (he should be), why going to rock shows in Manhattan sucks now, whether the ten year cycle for nostalgia will be defeated by how niche everything got in the late aughts, and so much more. They’ll also listen to a lot of great music along the way… and so will you if you choose to do so. And you should.