This week, it really is genuinely the last week of Deerhoof's "La Isla Bonita" as Album Of The Month (or is it...?), and we have some more classic Robert Wyatt. Also, a bunch of other great tracks from the likes of Timo Ellis, Spires, and other nice people.
MAX TAYLOR - Max was kind enough to come along to Old School Studios on his way to play a gig for Planet Beet's "Iain Lowery" at his OST night. After getting a little lost on the way, Max arrived, and we got on like our houses were literally on fire. What a great set this is! I hope you all enjoy it. Yes. ALL of you. I will accept nothing less.
DJRePete kickstarts your humpday with some claptrack-esc alternative by Jeremy Messersmith and a brand spankin’ new track by Angel Olsen. Preview artists playing a pair of festivals in the US and Australia, including a pre-SXSW session in San Diego. Plus, international music discovery with Beruit’s Yasimine Hamdan. And a few choice throwbacks from the likes of A.C. Newman, Alex Winston, and a b-side by Phoenix. A pretty packed Wednesday for you on BTR with DJRePete!
This week's show features another superstar actor special guest interview! Excited? Exited? Still there? We also have a new Album Of The Month by Cineclub, and also the bizarre rantings of Andy Kaufman. We's 100% raring to go! Am you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let's Radio!
November 21, 2013.
Well, today's show features the old team back together again. Also, there's still the Album Of The Month by Nobunny, and the Classic Album by Sloan. We're 100% raring to go though! Are you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let's Radio!