The Jazz Hole with Linus featuring brand tracks by Nick Finzer, the Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra, the New York Standards Quartet and more
New tracks from Morgan Guerin, Julian Waterfall Pollack, SPACEPILOT and a lot more on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole.
The Jazz Hole with Linus features brand new tracks from SPACEPILOT’s album EXOPHONIA Live at Nublu and from Gabriela Martina’s album No White Shoes today. You also get to enjoy Pedro Giraudo’s 4-part Angela Suite, a track by Chiara Izzi as well as one by the Jonathan Saraga Quintet.
Check out an all-improvised set on this month’s episode of “BTR The Jazz Hole Live”. Rock-infused experimental trio SPACEPILOT with Elias Meister, Leo Genovese and Joe Hertenstein were evidently feeling it at Nublu in New York City last month. Check out their energetic set today on!