Sons & Daughters
BTR is celebrating Summer Week, and what says summer like bikinis and sunglasses? On today's Sew & Tell, I'm speaking with designers behind two different lines of independent, hand-crafted, vintage-inspired, sun-and-sand style. Clara Herrera and Barbara Warren of New York's Lumete Eyewear, and Nadia Dayan of Miami-based CameloPardus bikinis both offer ingenius solutions to your beachwear blahs. On today's show, the ladies will discuss how they launched their lines, their creative and material process, and the aesthetic inspirations behind these fresh summer looks. Plus, music from Bon Iver, Birthmark, Starfucker, Casiokids & more will get you in the mood to lounge on the beach. So grab your towel and start this summer weekend early with BreakThru Radio!