Solar Bears
Feel that thick, moist, hot summer air... The show this week is for all the melted tubes of chapstick in your car, it's for the fogged up glasses and mystical lightning bugs in jars. So go find a hammock and a cool drink. This is the Glitch/IDM shoooowwwoowwowowo.-_ *&&*ed*&&*
Hey duders! Ok, so the show this week is pretty light and bouncy. I figured you wouldn't want anything super intense because this is already going to be an intense week for most of us in the USA! So instead we're just gonna pour love and hope through the speakers, and out into the multiverse... let's go+ Glitch/IDMMMmmm
Feeling so hot this week! And to reflect that, we have a big bouncy show for you/// So this one, at times, feels like the songs are melting away, and at other times will be a head-knoddin' extravaganza of Summer love. So saddle up! It's the Glitch/DM showwwwwwwwwwwwwww. -ed-
Awesomeness is going to happen this week! I feel really good about this show; it wasn't super planned out beforehand, and the tracks are kind of all-over-the-place... but it works somehow? So get into the glitch! one love. -ed-
Welcome! This week on the show we're gonna get all "singy". Cause sometimes you just need that human element in your musical life? So let's get into it and go! -ed-
Yeah! I'm really feeling the show this week. Not that I don't always feel it, but this one is pretty dope. All I can say is you need to maybe shut off life for a minute and go somewhere with nice speakers, hit "play" and melt. Glitch/DM////////////// -ed-