Let's do it BIG!!! This week's show is featuring tracks from Helena Hauff, Mr. Oizo, Ceephax Acid Crew and always more of that wackiness you love! OK, glitch//idm show!!!
Hello!!!! Ok so this week's show is pretty interesting... It starts off all hype and then gradually guides you through alter states of mind. So let's get it in/// this is the glitch.idm sh{{}}wwwwwwwwww _-_ed-_-
Hey yoooooooo! Big bangin' show this week/// Come along with me as I get ready for a nice long road trip, of the mind... This is glitch.idm^ |}|}|+|ed|}|}|+|
This is a pretty cool show./. In the past couple of weeks we really amped up the glitchy side, so in keeping with that, today's set is no different. Get ready, be ready, and stay ready. This is the glitch.idm show-------------- )-)_)ed(_(-(
Welcome to the 3rd installement of our "Intense, yet Delicate and Strong" three-part series. This week on the show we're dropping some newness mixed with a few tracks I had never heard before, all from a few of my favorite nerds. So come on out and get with it! this is the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... ??ed??
Hey Now! This week brings another bad-ass edition of the Glitch/IDM show, straight to your domepiece. We're gettin' a little funky, a lot IDMy, and a touch of spacey-float music to keep you in your altered state. So let's get on it///// for realllll!