Sofa City Sweetheart
Kisses and hugs to you all! Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers and love haters. 2 hours of tunes to get you close and keep you there, at least until Valentine's Day is over.
Bandcamp knows the holiday spirit way better than Spotify, Amazon, or any of those other monster streaming corporations.
Post New Years and we are all still spinning for the holidays.  Have no fear; 2 hours of the best indie tunes in the universe are here!  Plus, double shots in the middle and a cherry on top.  Enjoy it and subscribe!
Playing some of the best albums, artists and tracks from 2019
Final regular old Sunday show before the Best Of 2019 shows start.  Get warm, get toasty, get comfortable and enjoy. 2 hours for your ears!
Playing the chillest of chill tunes for you on this very mellow Thursday!