Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a very happy holiday, and are enjoying the days between Christmas and New Year’s! Today on the show we have part two of a two-part 2014 new music retrospective. I’m playing all of my favorite new songs that came out this year. I hope everyone has a great last few days of 2014 and a great start to 2015!! We’ll back next Saturday in the new year!
It's the OVERNIGHT SENSATION BEST OF 2014, Part 1 of 3 music extravangaza! This episode features some of my favorite PUNK, GARAGE PUNK, GARAGE POP and everything in between!
The Tuesday Mix on BTR with DJ Emily!
Oh my God! I love the Rock Show! It rocks so hard... How do they do it?
It’s Future Week here on BTR!  I think that the future is a fascinating concept, so we’re dedicating the first half of the show to future-themed songs!  But don’t worry, we still have a ton of new music for you in the back half of the show, with an exciting track from Woods/Babies member Kevin Morby. Plus, check out more stuff from more great bands on BTR’s Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud pages!
The Thursday Mix. October 16, 2014.
Just a fun mix for your Tuesday!
Hot new tracks from so many bands, including Ausmuteants, Ex Hex, Foxygen, and more more more!
Hanging with DJ Emily this Tuesday is a good idea.
The best of the best on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Happy September Saturday!  I hope everyone out there has been enjoying the sweater weather- I know I am.  There’s nothing better than being able to wear something snuggly AND get away with open toed shoes.  If you need your early fall perfectly soundtracked, then BTR is the sweater/sandals music combo you’ve been looking for!  We’ve got amazing new stuff on the show today from a Swedish band named Goat, an Irish band named So Cow, and a Canadian man named, of course, Moonface.  Stay tuned to check it all out!
Haha, another week, another Rock Show. It's f***in' sick, 'scuse the French!
The Thursday Mix. 9/18/14.
DJ Drew's Sunday Show on BTR
On today's Digest, we examine new songs from Aphex Twin, Zammuto, Tom Misch, Cy Dune, J Fernandez, & So Cow! It's an exciting conversation that you can't afford to miss.
With the announcement of the new Apple products this week, we all found a free download of the new U2 album in our iTunes.  Which is cool.  The only thing is- BTR has a free download of all of today’s very best new indie music multiple times every day!  And today we have a great playlist for your Saturday- make sure to check out exciting new releases from Moonface, So Cow, and an AUSTRALIAN band called Lower Plenty.  Plus, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud!
Last week I hit my five year anniversary, so I guess it's time to sit back and rest upon my laurels... NOT! I've got my eyes on the FUTURE, I'm not stuck in the past. And I've got the TUNES to prove it!
A very special New York Fashion Week show today, featuring one of the event’s youngest-ever designer to debut her collection: Isabella Rose Taylor, a 13-yr-old professional whose eye for style and keen ambition is making waves and attracting fans. Already a high school graduate, Isabella launched her eponymous line just a couple years ago and has achieved an impressive level of commercial success in that short time - Nordstrom’s is carrying her fall collection this year! Tune in today to hear Isabella talk about the passion for art and design that got her started, how she incorporates her own artwork into the line, and offer some advice to fellow young innovators and entrepreneurs. And later in the show, I’m joined by DJ Dane to talk about favorite looks from the runway and from NYFW Men’s Day, plus a playlist full of the latest releases, including brand new My Brightest Diamond, Zeus, Lia Ices, and more! Lots of stylish ground to cover this hour, so join us for a NYFW recap here with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
This week it's comics, cosplay, video games and general geeking out with Girl Gone Geek!
We go from rocking to rolling over the course of one hour! It's an amazing variety, and it's only on THE ROCK SHOW on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
We’re getting this August Saturday off to a rollicking start with Irishman So Cow’s new track Barry Richardson. Barry Richardson is, by the way, a football player! A big one - for the NFL! We’ve also got a track from recent live-studio performer Sally Setlmann and a new one form The Rosebuds! For more great bands and photos from BTR, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram!
The future of fashion is closely intertwined with the future of technology, and one of the biggest innovations of the last five years has been the introduction of 3D printing into fashion’s production process. Aaron Rowley is the co-founder of Electroloom, a new 3D printing company based in San Francisco that’s working to make desktop garment design and output a reality. On today’s show, Aaron will share about the company’s inception, the printed prototypes that their team is currently working on, how the Electroloom printer differs from traditional 3D printer models, the future possibilities of Electroloom, and more. And I’ve got a playlist chock full of new music today, featuring a brand new single from Galway garage pop band So Cow, Dublin’s The Might Stef, North Carolina duo The Rosebuds, Seattle’s Lusine, and Toronto’s beach pop group Alvvays. So join us now for a look at the future of fashion, on BreakThru Radio!
Hoo boy, we're really rockin' now!
Patrick K and Latola react to songs from So Cow, Comets On Fire, Zula, Bueno, Lee(Asano+Ryuhei) and Blank Realm
"This week's show is a monster of springtime pop, featuring many familiar favorites including The Verlaines, Les Calamities, Younger Lovers, Eat Skull, and more, more, MORE!! Watch these bands go from Zero to Hero in a matter of hours, only on Overnight Sensation!"
Are you ready? Ready to... ROCK???!!