So Brown
On today’s show we’re featuring brand new music from Rural Alberta Advantage, Bonnie Prince Billy, Foxygen and more.
It’s You & Me Week on BTR! On today’s show, Dr. Michael A. Smith, author of “The Supplement Pyramid”, joins us to talk about the growing importance of nutrients supplements, why our soil is part of the reason that our food isn’t giving us what our bodies need, and how we can begin a supplement regimen. And later, BTR DJ Jess Goulart, host of the Scotch and Cinema podcast on BTR, talks to Perry Bard, the brains behind a crowdsourced remake of the classic 1929 documentary, Man With A Camera.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! With Monday off of work, Saturday is like the new Friday. Except Friday is all day long and you don’t have to go to work! You better have a great playlist for that day! Good thing we have it for you here on BTR’s Saturday show. With new tracks from PUJOL, Sharon Van Etten, and Archie Bronson Outfit. And don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram!
May 22, 2014.
90-minutes of fun this Tuesday with DJ Emily and lots of stellar artists.
Playing the music of and speaking to Brooklyn-based solo blues musician So Brown.