Slum of Legs
In Part 2 of 4 of Overnight Sensation's OFFICIAL Best Hits of 2015, you'll hear great PUNK ROCK music from CCTV, Vexx, GLOSS, ISS, and more! And stay tuned for Part 3, "Singer/Songwriter/Producer," coming next week!
This week we've got a whole lot of good-natured indiepop, experimental guitar music, and a healthy dose of prodigious weirdo hometapers. It's all just so appealing and right-on-time. Brand new hits from greats like Grant Cothrel, Slum of Legs, Shy Boys, Titans of Filth, and more! This set is extremely lovable, so get ready... to fall head over heels! :)
This week on the Music Digest, we dive into the Bandcamp charts and play songs from some of their top-selling records. We feature tracks from INGA, Unruly Rock, Slum of Legs, Lama LA, Cecily, and Superheaven. It's a lot of fun.